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YouTapping and Self Enquiry

YouTapping - What's it all about?


YouTapping aims to release emotional discomfort at the subconscious root. Before continuing or practicing YouTapping, please read our disclaimer and agree to its conditions.


YouTapping evolved from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and though it is similar in many ways eg in how you can use the meridian points to tap, it is NOT the same. YouTapping is NOT EFT, nor a replacement for it, but rather a complimentary addition that may be of benefit to some people.

There are three main processes of YouTapping, each closely linked to one other. We will discuss them further on the YouTapping page. However, in brief, they are:

  1. Tapping on what we hear from others.
  2. Tapping on what we think others are saying/thinking about us.
  3. Tapping on what we hear from our subconscious mind.

As many of you may be aware, whatever words and energies we hear and experience are absorbed into our subconscious mind.  Most irrelevant information is filtered out, however the words that are often repeated to us - in particular when our minds are young and impressionable - are held and stored and replayed to validate a certain life experience. So if our parents said to us as children 'You are disgusting' or 'You are so weak' or 'You should be ashamed of yourself' or 'You will never be as good as your sister' or 'You’re too fat' or any number of things, our subconscious mind absorbs and repeats those words and the energy that was associated with them back to us verbatim. Dependent on the nature of the person (and the speed of which their mind works), these subconscious repeats may be so subtle that many may only have a sense or feeling of them, followed by your conscious mind with 'I'm too fat' or 'I feel so ashamed'. We then create a conscious truth around them so that we believe what we have heard.

YouTapping evolved from a need to remove our energetic response to these subconscious thoughts.