Dealing with negatives


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You may find that during the course of your meditations you might say affirmations to yourself such as "I am abundant" or "I am successful" etc and then you may hear a little voice of dissension saying "No you're not" or "You'll never be" or "You're not allowed" or "You can't do that".

The following are phrases that you can tap on - maybe do one or two at a time, concentrate on the words but don't take ownership of them and at the end of the phrase, pause for some seconds but continue tapping (collarbone etc). It may be beneficial to follow the phrase up with a positve affirmation - but for this exercise, do not tap when you are saying the positive affirmation.

You can't ("I Can do it")
You can't do anything yet ("I Can do anything")
You're not allowed ("I'm allowed to do everything I want")
You won't be allowed ("I am allowed")
You'll have problems doing that ("Everything flows easily and effortlessly")
You're scared about doing that ("I feel so comfortable doing it")
You'll find it hard ("It's so easy")
You'll find it difficult ("I love how easy it is to do")
They won't let you ("They want me to be successful")
It's not the right time ("It's such a perfect time")
It's not the right place ("I am so happy to be in the right place at the right time")
Maybe you should wait ("It is all happening now and I am so excited to be here")
You might get hurt ("I feel so incredibly safe")
You feel uncomfortable with wanting it ("It just feels so right to have it")
It's too hard ("I am so happy that it is so easy")
You're afraid that you'll be stuck ("Everything just flows like it was meant to be")
You're afraid of the bigness of it ("I can handle everything. It's so easy")
You're afraid to do that. ("I feel so at peace and comfortable to acheive it now")


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