Tapping on energy changes in our body


YouTapping aims to release emotional discomfort at the subconscious root. Before continuing or practicing YouTapping, please read our disclaimer and agree to its conditions.


Our bodies are sensitive instruments and if we are able to sit with them long enough, we may get a sense of when we experiences an energetic change or suddenly feel differently from the moment before. Think for example how we may feel good when we are at home and then suddenly feel slightly different when we step into a shopping mall. If we pay enough attention to these subtle changes, we may find that we can have better control over them by tapping as the sensation of change occurs.

If you pay more attention from minute to minute while you are at home or with friends (who understand that you have a propensity to tap on your chest or head), then you can begin to halt any uncomfortable sensations as they occur. Simply allow yourself to experience the sensation - don't push it away, rather try and observe and then tap as you are feeling it and allow it to go of its own accord. If you get into the practice of tapping whenever you feel a sense of discomfort or energetic change, then you are likely to have more and more success with releasing the discomfort as it occurs.

This is more EFT than YouTapping - being that EFT is wonderful for helping physical ailments or sensations.


If you would like further information on the practice of EFT, please click here.