YouTapping - Tapping on what we hear from others


YouTapping aims to release emotional discomfort at the subconscious root. Before continuing or practicing YouTapping, please read our disclaimer and agree to its conditions.


We have already discussed this at some length, however it is important to realise that imagination plays a large part in this. It is easiest to complete the release when you can imagine the words as they were spoken to you at the time. In so doing you also reproduce the emotive energy that occured when we heard the words and we are able to create a better release.

There may be many times in your life when words have had an effect on you. Perhaps you were bullied at school or work, perhaps you were abused by people you knew or did not know. Remember what they said at the time and try to use the voice you heard and repeat the words out loud using that voice or tone (you might want to be alone for this process). 

Remember, everything is energy.  When negative words are spoken to you, your body absorbs that energy.  For any sort of real happiness in life, you need to let that (negative) energy go.  YouTapping may help that to occur.


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